This month, on The Wellspring, we talk to Australian-based author Monique Gliozzi on the inspiration behind her three psychological thrillers, Foresight, Hunted and Vestige. Gliozzi works as a psychologist in Perth, Australia and also flies planes as a hobby. Read about her publishing journey and whether a global virus outbreak may weave itself into a future storyline. 
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Author Monique Gliozzi on how her work as psychologist inspired storylines for her fast-paced thrillers
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and due to my father’s position in the diplomatic service, I travelled the world while growing up. This allowed me to learn different languages and enjoy an array of cultures, while attending a variety of schools. I used to write short stories as a youngster but never thought I’d write or become an author. My time is devoted to medicine, but I also have a passion for aviation and work as a senior flight instructor on weekends. Somewhere between this and a busy family life, I find time for writing. I would describe myself as quite physically active, enjoying playing sports and exercising on a regular basis.
You work as a psychiatrist in Perth, Australia and only recently began writing and publishing your work. What rekindled your passion for writing? 
My father started writing after retiring from duty. He asked me to read some of his work and provide feedback on ideas, plots, storyline and characters. He writes in Italian and published five books in Italy. This process awakened my interest for literature and thus took me down an unknown but worthy and creative path.
What inspired you to write, ForesightHunted and Vestige?
I found that my interest for fast-paced suspenseful stories inspired me to start writing my first two books. Vestige was inspired by my own ghostly encounter in an old section of the hospital that I work in.
How has your work as a psychiatrist influenced your stories? 
Having a medical background and an interest in forensic sciences and psychiatry, helps me make my storylines credible (despite these being completely fictional)  by having a better understanding of human behaviour. This allows me to shape the characters and their motivations easily.
Have you had more time to write now, or less, during the coronavirus outbreak? 
The current pandemic has kept me busy as a therapist, but due to social distancing I’ve not been doing any flying. The latter has given me a little bit of extra time to write short stories, which I share with my writers’ group.