Hidden: “When the Past is Buried But Not…”Forgotten
by Monique Gliozzi, MD

“As she sipped the effervescent perfectly chilled liquid, she smiled, marveling at how far she’d come in the game.”

In this sequel to Once is Never Enough, Victoria Kavos is living a glamorous life married to a Greek real estate tycoon, but she is hiding a traumatic past and violent tendencies that won’t stay hidden even as she reinvents herself and hides her true identity. When special agent Isabella Ashford vacations with her family in Greece, she is lured back into a dangerous game of cat and mouse when she begins to suspect Victoria is a killer who she thought was dead. As Victoria’s new life begins to unravel, she reacts violently and murderously, and each crime scene leaves clues for Isabella to follow in hopes of catching a killer on the loose. As these two women circle each other, the body count increases, and a desperate race to stop a killer ensues.

With a breathtaking European backdrop, Isabella and her team must try to get one step ahead of a killer in this riveting tale of suspense and mystery. Thrills and action-packed sequences combine to captivate readers in this game of hide-and-seek with treacherous outcomes for anyone in the way of a killer trying not to get caught. From the moment Gliozzi places everyone on the board, the game is on, and intrigue abounds with each player’s move designed to escape or ensnare. Readers will wonder who will be left standing by the end of this suspenseful thriller. Two women with formidable skills must outwit the other as the crime scenes multiply. Propulsive and absorbing, this story moves fast and furious through an idyllic vacation that turns into a murder investigation and a hunt for a dangerous serial killer.

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