If you’re looking for your next thrill-seeking novel to stay awake over the next few nights, look no further than the repertoire of Dr Monique Gliozzi.

With now 5 published books (and much more on the way), Dr Gliozzi is quickly becoming the next master Aussie thriller writer to keep your eyes closely on. The stories she tells so vividly in her novels are complete with adventure, three-dimensional characters, surprising plot twists and powerful endings you’ll never see coming.

Dr Gliozzi isn’t your typical writer. She’s enjoyed a multilayered career that’s taken her deep into the human soul, allowing her to tap into what drives people, scares them, engages them and makes them tick, laugh, love and hate.

So who is Monique Gliozzi and what books has she written? Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about her, her career and what the media has already praised her for.

Who is Monique Gliozzi?

Dr Monique Gliozzi is an Australian author, psychiatrist, clinical lecturer and pilot based in Perth. With a passion for the pen, a keen interest in the psyche and experience soaring beyond the clouds, Dr Gliozzi has enjoyed a life like no other.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Dr Gliozzi moved to Australia in the early nineties where she graduated from medical school at the University of Western Australia.

Since her university days, Dr Gliozzi has gone on to enjoy a multifaceted career that’s seen her venture into the minds of her patients, the field of education, the world of storytelling and even into the sky.

She maintains a keen interest in all things psychiatry and forensic science, and held a position of Senior Clinical lecturer with the UWA School of Psychiatry. Her unmatched brilliance in teaching led her to attain a nomination for an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016.

But when she’s not helping patients navigate complex issues in their lives, or educating the next generation of psychiatrists, Dr Gliozzi is flying high – literally.  Dr Gliozzi studied to become a pilot acquiring her commercial pilot licence at the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia. Now she inspires the next generation of pilots as a casual senior flight instructor.

This diverse experience has fostered Dr Gliozzi’s unique ability to craft the most compelling plotlines and fascinating characters on paper, allowing her to produce literary masterpieces that will glue you to the edge of your seat.

All of Monique Gliozzi’s books (with reviews)!

As at July 2021, Dr Gliozzi has published 5 powerful books, including:

  • Facets of the Past
  • Diversity
  • Vestige
  • Hunted
  • Foresight

Inspired by the likes of Mary Higgins Clarke, Agatha Christie and James Paterson, Dr Gliozzi writes with elegant flair, hooking all her readers in with compelling beginnings, thoroughly engaging them with fast-paced stories and wrapping them up with formidable endings.

Below, we’ll outline in detail (without spoilers!) exactly what each book is about.

Facets of the Past

Hank Hild lands his dream job as a tour guide at the imperial castle of Lake Starnberg, located in the rich historical region of Southern Germany.

Passionate about all things Bavarian, Hank treats his visitors to stories of the deceased Bavarian emperor, his quirky personality, his exploits and the bizarre enigma surrounding his passing in 1866.

But one visitor to this castle doesn’t have good intentions. And soon enough, Hank’s life will change forever.

Quicker than he knows it, Hank finds himself plummeting into a world of trickery, danger and selfishness – and there’s no escape.

His life very rapidly falls into a nightmare he never expected, with the number of people he can trust swiftly approaching zero.

Time is running out before Hank must make a fateful decision.

But if he makes the wrong decision, he’ll suffer consequences he can never undo.

Easy to get involved on the first page. Fast paced and easy to read. Totally absorbed. Loved the twist and paranormal references. Look forward to the sequel!”


If you’re looking for your next collection of short stories, look no further.

You’ll be treated to a collection of drama, laughter and tension with stories you simply won’t want to end.

You’ll be treated to:

  • A near death experience in The Twin
  • Some hilarious rendezvous in Burning Love
  • Some spooky recollections of the spine-chilling El Caballo Inn

I am so glad I got the chance to dive into Diversity because Author Monique Gliozzi achieved writing a beautiful collection of short stories that I did not want to end. The stories are unique and equally fabulous. Gliozzi writes them with such vivid descriptions. The gripping storylines pull you in. The story of Burning Love and The Villa are two of my favourites! If you are looking for a quick read that will hold your attention until the end, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book.”


Child psychologist Dr Maxwell Stein is a master of his craft. With a thriving practice in New York, he’s about to go on a well-deserved holiday.

But his dreams of paradise are cut short – when he’s visited by a former patient he thought was history.

Now an adult, this patient gives him a gift. A gift that’s now set to completely ruin his life.

Before he knows it, this expert of the mind is about to be driven to the brink of insanity.

He must save himself, before his psyche is all but lost.

This novella really packed a punch. At just over a hundred pages, Vestige by Monique Gliozzi knows how to grip the reader within its pages. It was the perfect book to pull me out of my reading slump. Gliozzi knows just how to provide the perfect literary breadcrumbs for the reader to follow and succumb to the story. From the opening quote to the prologue the reader is instantly hooked.”


When it comes to escaping the law, Peter Steil thinks he’s got it down to an art.

He’s a fugitive, a killer, and now on the run from American and Swiss authorities. And he’s doing a pretty good job of not getting caught.

He’s transformed himself into a helicopter pilot, and now inconspicuously lives in a small skiing resort amongst society’s cream of the crop.

That is, until Agent Isabella Ashford is put on the case.

Hunted tells the story of an epic cat and mouse adventure, and time is ticking before Peter gets the itch to kill again.

[T]he scenery in Alaska and Canada tickled my imagination as to the location for Hunted. Having lived in Germany, Italy and travelled through Austria and Switzerland I was familiar with the culture and languages. The close proximity of the countries in Europe I thought would make the hunt and thus options for the fugitive more diverse and intriguing.”


Isabella has a secret.

At the early age of ten, she became an orphan when an earthquake devastated Mexico City in 1985.

But she was also a victim herself – suffering a terrible head injury.

But that injury gave her a power: the foresight to see into the past, and the future.

Today, as a successful criminologist in California, she’s praised all around as she uses her powers for good.

But she’s attracted some powerful enemies.

With people out there committed to destroying her life, Isabella quickly finds herself in peril and even accused of corruption.

She’ll need to find out who’s after her and quickly – before her career and her life is over.

Enjoyed reading this book thoroughly. Couldn’t put it down.”

If you like engaging, well-developed characters and plotlines, Foresight is for you.”

  • Syd on her review of Hunted on Goodreads


Monique Gliozzi in the news

Monique Gliozzi is quickly being recognised, and has already made appearances in several media outlets for her writing including:

  • The Western Suburbs Weekly
  • The New Work Times
  • Hollywood Book Reviews
  • The Wellspring: Tellwell’s May Newsletter.

Monique has also been interviewed on:

  • Radio Fremantle FM 107.9
  • CBS Radio – Benji Cole (People of Distinction)
  • Ric Bratton – This Week in America

You can read her news mentions and listen to her interviews on her media page.

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If you’re keen to get your hands on one of Australia’s most prominent up-and-coming thriller writers, you can buy Monique Gliozzi’s books.