Some of the greatest authors of our time have written memorable short story collections in which we go back to time, and time again. Stephen King is a major author who comes to mind in that category, in fact. I know for myself; I always appreciate the art form of writing a well thought out and vividly detailed story within a specific and small timeframe. It is not an easy task, to be sure, yet in Diversity: A Colourful Collection of Short Stories, author Monique Gliozzi does that with effortless perfection.

In this collection of short stories, there is certainly a diverse array of genres within this one book which makes it clear where the author got the idea for the name of this novel. For instance, in “Burning Love,” we meet a young couple whose romantic night in goes horribly awry and ends in near-tragedy, yet by the end of the tale, there is hope for the two yet and even a little humor. Fast forward to the next story — “El Caballo Inn” and we see a much different love story unfold that has circumstances which are both terrifying and saddening. To me, there is a story in this collection for every type of reader, which is a rarity and should most certainly be applauded.

The way this author was able to capture the reader’s attention and retain it for the length of each and every story is truly incredible on its own. But for Gliozzi to also write several enthralling tales with vivid details and emotions to tug at the readers’ heartstrings shows the true mark of an amazingly talented writer. Each story was truly unique in its own right, and never did it feel rushed, which is something I always look out for when reading a short story collection such as this.

Two of my favorites were “El Caballo Inn” and “The Villa,” each of which told incredibly gripping stories that left me wanting more by the end of the tale. Overall, this is a great read and perfect for those who don’t always have time for a full-length novel front to back in one sitting. It’s easy to come back to this book over time, no matter how busy you are because the stories are short enough to consume in a short period of time. It will keep your attention until you reach the very end and you will feel a variety of emotions as you comb through the stories in this collection. You may feel sorrow, you will laugh, and you will likely feel as though you’re on the edge of your seat to see what is going to happen next. Regardless, you are bound to be enthralled by this writer’s novel. Readers will do well to pick up their own copy of “Diversity: A Colourful Collection of Short Stories” by Monique Gliozzi today!